Permasense systems overview 

Permasense systems are permanently installed corrosion monitoring solutions, designed to operate without maintenance for years in inhospitable environments.

They combine unique ultrasonic sensors which continuously measure pipe thickness, with gateways that receive the thickness data from the sensors via wireless transmission and a software suite installed on the customer’s server. This software suite comprises database, sophisticated data analysis, visualisation and reporting applications, provision for easy export of data, and system management and performance diagnostic applications.

This provides ongoing visibility of corrosion / erosion trends in real-time and direct to the corrosion or inspection engineer’s desk, in the Permasense or the customer’s own application.

Our systems can be efficiently configured for easy integration with virtually any existing IT architecture, enabling quick and easy system deployment.

Permasense sensors are battery-powered: thus no cabling is required. This minimizes the cost of installation and enables use in remote areas and on a large scale. The sensors are intrinsically safe and can thus be deployed in the most hazardous of locations.

Permasense offers systems for compact-area facilities, such as refineries and platforms, and wider-area facilities, such as production fields. We can also customise solutions to meet your specific requirements – talk to us


For facilities where the locations to be monitored are within a 0.5km (a third of a mile) radius, such as a refineries, FPSOs, offshore platforms, terminals, processing facilities.


For facilities spread over a radius up to many 10s of km (miles), such as production fields.