At Permasense, we strive to be the global leader for continous integrity monitoring systems that deliver data enabling transformation of our customers' operations and profitability.

Monitoring is our business. We keep a tight industry focus

  • to maximise our understanding of customer technical requirements and economics
  • to tailor our development activities to the particularly demanding requirements of oil and gas facilities

We take pride in sustaining technology leadership – including of ultrasonics, wireless communication and data analysis – underpinned by development spend as a proportion of revenues that is well above industry norms.


It is important to us that it is easy for you to do business with us. This means

  • short, dependable lead times
  • deployable, robust hardware and user-friendly software
  • expert, responsive support, in system planning and deployment, and with data interpretation

Permasense collaborates extremely closely with the world-leading Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Research Group of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. This gives us access to the latest thinking on techniques to determine the integrity of materials and structures, through collaborative research and development and Knowledge Transfer Programmes. It also helps us recruit some of the best and brightest minds in our field, further fueling our development effort.

A hallmark of Permasense’s approach from our beginnings has been close collaboration with industry operating partners - the oil majors - to tailor system specifications to real needs, and to conduct extensive in-service proving out of hardware for robustness and software for user-friendliness.


We recognise our responsibility to deliver quality systems to our customers, recruit and reward our people on merit alone, minimise health and safety risks, honour agreements with our partners and suppliers, and thereby deliver a satisfactory return to our shareholders.

the system has now been adopted by other supermajor and privately-held refinery operators in the US, Germany, and Canada.