Permasense systems are meeting the monitoring needs of power generation facilities, including high temperature applications such as boiler vessels and associated pipework, typically on insulated lines at temperatures around 350°C, and on wall thicknesses up to 150mm (6 inches). Where flow-accelerated corrosion is a problem Permasense systems allow direct correlation between operation conditions over particular periods and wall loss rates over the matching period.

The data to desk capability of Permasense systems proves valuable in enabling specialists remote from the plant to support local teams in using the data to optimise operations.

Sensors can be installed on a full range of materials including carbon and cast carbon steel, P5/5 chrome, P9/9 chrome, 1% Cr (5130), duplex, P265GH (430-161), 1.4571 (316Ti), P295GH (17Mn4), monel, HR120, Inconel, Incoloy and hastelloy.