corrosion monitoring

From wellhead, through feeder lines to processing facility, from offshore platform or FPSO to terminal, Permasense systems are today proving an efficient and safe way to monitor the integrity of equipment at desk.

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integrity monitoring

Our systems for downstream environments combine established ultrasonic sensor technology with wireless communication to deliver data of the highest integrity to the user’s desk.

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Other applications

Power Generation
Permasense systems are being installed on power station steam systems to enable operators to optimise the trade-off between operating efficiency and plant life, for example through monitoring flow-accelerated corrosion. Find out more…

Geothermal Power
Permasense systems have been deployed in geothermal power facilities to minimise the risk of unplanned service interruptions, for example through monitoring the effectiveness of corrosion inhibition programmes for wellheads. Find out more…

latest news

21st May 2015

Permasense completes tour of Sinopec Refineries in China with local partner Shenzhen Grusen Company

From May 12th to 20th, 2015, the world's leading online ultrasonic thickness measurement systems provider, Permasense limited and its Chinese partner Shenzhen Grusen Company carried out a roadshow together visiting 7 Sinopec refineries in China. The tour completed on 20th May at Sinopec Zhenhai, Ningbo.

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18th May 2015

New video explaining use and benefits of WT210 Integrity Monitoring System for Downstream facilities

We have made a video explaining how the WT210 Integrity Monitoring System is deployed in hydrocarbon processing facilities to enhance safety and profitability.

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14th May 2015

Chapter about Permasense corrosion monitoring systems included in new Pipeline Integrity handbook

Jon Allin, Permasense CTO and Fred Cegla, Lecturer at Imperial College London and Permasense non-executive Director have written a chapter about continuous wall thickness monitoring in a newly published book entitled Oil and Gas Pipelines, Integrity and Safety Handbook.

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11th May 2015

Leveraging integrity insights to drive upstream revenues - article published

An article written by Jake Davies, Permasense Marketing Director, discussing how Oil & Gas producers can leverage the data delivered by Permasense online continuous asset integrity monitoring systems to enhance safety and profitability has been published.

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4th May 2015

Permasense Launches Enhanced Integrity Monitoring System for Upstream Assets

Permasense today launches a new product for the real-time integrity monitoring of upstream oil and gas assets at OTC 2015. The ET210 Integrity Monitoring System delivers continuous wall thickness and temperature measurements from topside or surface equipment directly to desk, and will help improve the economics and safety of oil and gas production operations.

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1st May 2015

Permasense exhibiting at Oil & Gas Asia (OGA) 2-4 June 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Permasense will be exhibiting their class-leading integrity monitoring systems at booth 5713 at OGA 2015, taking place in the Kuala Lumpur Conference Centre in Malaysia

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23rd April 2015

Permasense sensors deliver 10 millionth wall thickness measurement to desk

Installed Permasense corrosion and erosion monitoring sensors have now delivered over 10 million wall thickness measurements to the desks of decision makers who need the enhanced quality and frequency of data to operate their facility more profitably and safely.

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20th April 2015

Permasense speaking and exhibiting at NACE UAE Corrosion Conference taking place May 12-14, 2015 in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Permasense will be speaking and exhibiting at NACE UAE Corrosion Conference taking place May 12-14, 2015 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Please come along and see how installation of a Permasense Integrity Monitoring system will enhance your operational decision making.

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