corrosion monitoring

From wellhead, through feeder lines to processing facility, from offshore platform or FPSO to terminal, Permasense systems are today proving an efficient and safe way to monitor the integrity of equipment at desk.

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integrity monitoring

Our systems for downstream environments combine established ultrasonic sensor technology with wireless communication to deliver data of the highest integrity to the user’s desk.

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Other applications

Power Generation
Permasense systems are being installed on power station steam systems to enable operators to optimise the trade-off between operating efficiency and plant life, for example through monitoring flow-accelerated corrosion. Find out more…

Other Industries
Permasense systems have been deployed in geothermal power facilities to minimise the risk of unplanned service interruptions, for example through monitoring the effectiveness of corrosion inhibition programmes for wellheads. Find out more…

latest news

15th July 2016

4th International Corrosion Engineering Conference

Permasense will be exhibiting and speaking at 4th International Corrosion Engineering Conference, 8-11 August 2016

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14th July 2016

NACE Corrosion Technology Week

Permasense will be exhibiting at NACE Corrosion Technology Week, 26-29 September 2016

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13th July 2016

Low Cost Design: Innovative Equipment Strategies for Oil and Gas conference

Permasense will be speaking at the Low Cost Design: Innovative Equipment Strategies for Oil and Gas conference, 3-4 October 2016

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12th July 2016

5th Opportunity Crudes conference

Permasense will be speaking at the 5th Opportunity Crudes conference, 10-11 October 2016

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1st July 2016

Continuous corrosion and erosion monitoring in geothermal power facilities

Download our latest white paper detailing the use of Permasense corrosion and erosion monitoring systems in geothermal facilities here

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22nd June 2016

Retrieve Permasense data from anywhere without existing IT infrastructure

Permasense have successfully completed trials and are now taking orders for a satellite data backhaul system.

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20th June 2016

Permasense expands geographical footprint into the Middle East

Permasense is proud to announce the appointment of exclusive representative in Saudi Arabia

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13th June 2016

A new era for integrity monitoring publish an article written by Dr Jake Davies. Read the article here

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